Freelance Worker Invoice Submission

This electronic invoice will be submitted to: Nicola Price @ Hibird (UK) 
Supplying Promo / Stewards to:
Outside Live (IOM) LTD (on behalf of Peregrine Corporate Services)
Burleigh Manor
Peel Road
Isle of Man

Company Reg No. 014439V. 
2006 Companies Act (Registry) 
Owners: Oliver George, Morris Muter. 

Workers Full Name *
Workers Full Name
Days Works *
COMPLETE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: Friday 27th July / James Arthur / 3pm - 11pm / 8 hours Saturday 28th July / Katherine Jenkins / etc
By submitting this freelance invoice you are confirming the agreement that the work you have completed is on an adhoc / freelance basis and no other employment is implied. Tax and National Insurance payments for any monies earned through Outside Live IOM Ltd or Hibird UK Ltd remain solely your responsibility, as previously agreed at the time of booking. *