Which items cannot be brought into the arena?

Glass bottles (such as wine and beer bottles) ARE allowed
Glassware (such as wine glasses and tumblers) are not allowed, these break very easily and are dangerous for other concert goers. 

We have a zero drugs policy at all of our events. 

Smoking is only permitted within the designated area on the grounds and will not be tolerated elsewhere on the school property.

Dogs are not allowed into the arena (except guide dogs). 

What time will the performance start and finish?
The following timings apply to:
JOOLS HOLLAND (Friday 28th July)

Car Park Opens: 5.30pm
Arena Gates Open: 6.00pm
Support Act Starts: 6.15pm
Main Performance Finishes: 10.30-10.45pm
Arena Gates Close: 11.30pm

The following timings apply to THE SHIRES  (Sunday 30th July) 

Car Park Opens: 1.30pm
Arena Gates Open: 2.00pm
Support Acts Starts. 2.15pm

Main Act On Stage Approx 5.45
Main Performance Finishes 7.30pm
Arena Gates Close 8.30pm

My tickets have not arrived by email or post
If your tickets haven't arrived, please contact us and we'll arrange them to be re-sent. 

Please note: If your tickets are re-sent, the originals will be void and will be un-scanable on the gate. If your missing tickets show up after having them re-sent, please make sure you destroy them to avoid confusion. 

How do I get to Taverham Hall? 
Postcode: NR8 6TA (use this postcode for Costessey Lane, see below)

The site can only be accessed via the Costessey Lane / Sandy Lane school entrance to the school ONLY.  Wardens will be direct you from here.

The dropoff and pickup entrance for TAXIS is via the Ringland Road gate (entrance closest to Ringland Village). 

Please follow the yellow AA roadsigns directing traffic into the venue. 

What's the difference between VIP tickets and Grand Pavillion tickets?

The VIP area is directly in front of the stage and is fenced off from the main arena. It has a separate bar and toilet facility and a limited capacity. Seating and tables for drinks are provided and certain performances have complimentary drinks.

 The Grand Pavillion is a covered tented area on the perimeter of the auditorium further from the stage. Groups can enjoy being seated together undercover around larger tables but the facilities are as per the main arena.


How do I book tickets?
Tickets can be booked online or over the phone with TicketSource, 
• Buy online at
• Buy over the phone from the Box Office on 01603 310999

We regret that tickets are not able to be purchased in person at the venue itself.

We do not advise purchasing from any other ticket agents, secondary ticket agents, ticket brokers or online auction sites as sale on these sites is in breach of our terms and conditions. Please buy your tickets from Ticketsource.

Ticket scams and fake tickets have occasionally been in circulation for some acts in the past - these have been detected at the arena entrance and purchasers of fake tickets have not been able to gain admittance to concerts.

Please note that email confirmations are not tickets and will not be accepted as tickets to access the arena.

Why do you charge a booking fee?
Most ticket agents charge a booking fee to cover administration costs which include staff, office costs, tickets, stationery and payment card processing fees.

Outside Live Events charge a booking fee, as stated alongside the face value ticket price. This is lower than the booking fee charged by most other ticket agents. We do not charge an extra postage or transaction fee in addition to the booking fee when booking over the telephone. 

When will I receive my tickets?
Customers booking with the TicketSource box office from inside the UK: Please check your confirmation email for details of when tickets will be dispatched to you.

Bookings made with the TicketSource box office close to the date of the gig: If you book tickets close to the time of the concert there may not be enough time to deliver them to you. In this case they will be held at the venue for you to collect on the evening of the concert. Ticket collections can be made at the box office at the venue from 5.30pm onwards.

Group bookings (over twelve tickets):

We operate a group booking policy aimed at protecting potential customers from ticket touting, ticket scams and re-selling of tickets at an inflated price.

Purchases of up to twelve tickets can be made on our internet sales pages. The purchase of over 12 tickets constitutes a group booking (even if purchased in separate transactions).  If you wish to book thirteen or more tickets, please email

As part of this policy, we ask customers booking twelve or more tickets to sign a disclaimer regarding the use of their tickets. This is designed to prevent purchase by parties intending to re-sell the tickets for profit.

We reserve the right to contact any customer to discuss their purchase and ensure that our booking policy and terms and conditions are adhered to. Purchases suspected of being made with the intention of resale for profit will be cancelled.

We are unable to offer any group discounts.


There are NO REFUNDS offered except in extreme circumstances and at the individual discretion of the Event Director. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the date, time and show on your tickets as mistakes cannot always be rectified. It is a condition of sale in respect of all tickets that a ticket is only valid for admission to the performance it was booked for.

What is a waiting list?

Once an event is sold out, we may offer the opportunity to join a waiting list, in the slim chance that any further tickets were to become available. Customers can join the waiting list via the online booking system.  

Joining the waiting list is no guarantee that we will be able to offer you tickets. If we are in a position to offer you tickets, you will be telephoned by the Box Office during office opening hours.  If you are unavailable when we try to make contact, tickets cannot be held (and we will move onto the next person in the list), however your interest will remain registered for any further opportunities.   


Can I park on site and is there car parking charge?

Sufficient car parking for visitors is provided at this venue and is free of charge for the evening. Vehicles should not be left overnight in the car parks.

Travelling by public transport

The venue isn’t on a direct bus route. However both Konnet and First buses run nearby. Please visit their websites to find out timetable and route information.

Travelling by taxi or being dropped off

-Taxi Drop Off / Pick Up will be located at the Ringland entrance to Taverham Hall (entrance closest to Ringland Village, please advise your taxi company to use this entrance. There will be no drop offs / pickups at any other entrance to Taverham Hall. 

If you are arriving by taxi or being dropped off, make sure you have made arrangements for your return journey in advance as there are a limited number of taxi companies operating in rural areas.  In addition our venues do not have public telephones and most sites have poor mobile reception. Arrange to meet your taxi at the designated taxi pick up/drop off point which will be sign posted on site. 

Travelling on foot

If you are walking to the venue along the public highway please be aware that it will be dark when you leave. For your safety you may like to consider bringing a torch and hi-viz vest for your journey home.


Where are the venues?

We operate a several different venues throughout our event calendar. The full address and postcode is always listed on our ticketsource page for each event.

Is seating provided and do you reserve seats?
VIP Seating is available at an additional cost. This must be booked in advance and will not be available to purchase on the evening. You are welcome to bring folding picnic chairs or rugs in the main arena. 

Will the concert go ahead if it’s raining?
Concerts will go ahead regardless of weather, except in circumstances where the conditions at the venue are deemed unsafe or unfeasible to proceed with the event. We advise that you wear suitable clothing and footwear for an outdoor event. Dress for the outdoors and bring a raincoat and suitable waterproof footwear, umbrellas are permitted.

How will I find out if the event does have to be cancelled?

Concerts would only be cancelled in extreme circumstances.  Otherwise every effort is made to proceed with the event.  Should there be any updates, details would be published on the website and via Facebook and Twitter. 

Tickets will only be refunded if the event is cancelled by the organisers. Refunds are not available for events that do take place. See terms and conditions for full details.

Is food and drink available?
A full licensed bar and a variety of hot food and drink outlets are available at all venues. Please note bar and food outlets do not accept card payments and there are no cashpoints at the venues.

Can I bring my own food or picnic?
For events at TAVERHAM HALL you are welcome to bring picnics, but please check the terms and conditions carefully as items including but not limited to glassware (wine glasses) cans and breakable crockery, are not permitted in the arena. 

Wine Bottles and Beer Bottles ARE allowed. These don't break as easily on grass. 

Outside Live does not generally use screens at our concerts. Unlike stadium venues, all our arenas are of a size where it is possible to see the stage clearly, and as our venues are unseated customers can move around freely to find their own preferred viewing position. In addition some artists specify a personal preference not to work with screens. We are committed to keeping ticket prices as low as possible and hire of the screen, associated cameras and staff significantly increase the cost of putting on the event which would be reflected in the ticket price.


Which items can and cannot be brought into the arena?

Glass bottles (such as wine and beer bottles) ARE allowed
Glassware (such as wine glasses and tumblers) are not allowed, these break very easily and are dangerous for other concert goers. 

We have a zero drugs policy at all of our events. 

Smoking is only permitted within the designated area on the grounds and will not be tolerated elsewhere on the school property.

Dogs are not allowed into the arena (except guide dogs). 

What about cameras?
Professional photography is prohibited.  Tripods and audio visual or video equipment are not permitted in the arena.

Please note, on the night of the event, artists may make specific requests limiting photography. We appreciate your co-operation.

What will happen if I try to bring in a prohibited item?
At the entrance to the arena all bags will be searched by our security team. You will be asked to take any prohibited item(s) back to your car or allow them to be disposed of.

What should I bring?
Dress for the outdoors - bring something warm for later in the evening and bring a waterproof.
Bring cash if you would like to buy food, drinks or merchandise - we aren’t able to accept credit or debit cards.
Bring a fold up chair or rug if you would like to have a seat.
Consider bringing a torch and/or high viz vest to wear if you are planning to walk home.
Insect repellent may be useful.


Do you have specific information and facilities for disabled concert-goers?

Yes, please contact us to see a copy of our Disabled Access Information and Carer Ticket Application form.


What time can I arrive?

Jools Holland, Friday 28th July - 
Car Park Opens 5.30pm / Arena Gates Open 6.00pm

Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra perform BOND, Saturday 29th July - 
Car Park Opens 5.30pm / Arena Gates Open 6.00pm

The Shires, Sunday 30th July - 
Car Park Opens 1.30pm / Arena Gates Open 2.00pm

What time will the event end?
Concerts normally finish between 10.30pm and 10.45pm. Live music will not continue beyond 11pm. You are welcome to stay around for a drink and further relaxation post event.

The Shires will end around 7.30pm. 


Can I camp at the venue?
We do not allow camping on site or in the car park area.

Where can I stay?

Contact the nearest Tourist Information Centre for full details of local accommodation.

How can I get in touch?

You can contact us by email at